The Midult


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Annabel Rivkin and Emilie McMeekan are storytellers, creative strategists, public speakers, writers, worriers and incredibly good friends.



They set up The Midult as a counter proposal to everything out there for grown-up women: an unfiltered look at the rhythm of life. Between them, they have huge experience working with fashion, beauty, lifestyle and tech brands to help them be heard in a crowded arena, to ignite meaningful conversations and deepen their digital intelligence. Their first Book, I’m Absolutely Fine was released in September 2018.  Together they HOST THE MIDULT PODCAST, write a column in the Saturday Telegraph Magazine and Annabel has a column in the Evening Standard’s ES Magazine. Emilie is sunshine, Annabel is brimstone and they hope, together, they might add up to being one fully functioning human woman.


Areas of Interest for Brand Partnerships: GROWN-UP, STORY TELLING, ANXIETY, HUMOUR