Tape Talent

Talent’ sometimes gets tossed around like a dirty word. So, here’s our acid test: if the internet broke tomorrow, would we all still be talking about the influencers on our books?



Being innovators in the Talent Management space means we’re the go-to for a diverse group of seriously skilful people. The most exciting, credible and relevant voices, who create powerful talking points that drive real change in consumer behaviour.



Let’s Connect

Talent Management

We cherry-pick the people with the biggest and most interesting voices in their field, then work collaboratively with brands to forge successful partnerships that maximise engagement. Tape Talent is like a family, so we’re always on-hand to brainstorm and offer extra support, beyond the job at hand.

Talent Brokering

Hooking you up with any influencer won’t wash anymore. We’ll find the influencer that’s right for your brand, then manage the partnership to optimise impact – and give you a return on your investment.